My article on children accused of sorcery in Congo is out in Foreign Policy.

My article “Viral Conservation” is out in The Solutions Journal.

Storytelling for Carte Blanche.

Now available: the full online version of my article about gender violence and women’s coalitions in India, published in Maisonneuve.

Here’s an article and photos about a gorilla sanctuary at risk in the eastern Congo.

Causerie entre moi et Tristan Malavoy-Racine au sujet de Remèdes pour la faim.

Video about Empty Hands, Open Arms.

Videos of a reading from Cures for Hunger: part 1 and part 2.

My Father’s Day interview on the Takeaway.

Voilà une entrevue que j’ai donnée.

My short story, “A Song From Far Away,” is out in the Catamaran Literary Reader.

In the Kyoto Journal, I introduce the Afghan Women’s Writing Project.

Round table on death with the Takeaway.

Remèdes pour la faim, la version française de Cures for Hunger, est lancé.

An interview with me in Potash Hill.

Discovering Fire,” an excerpt from Cures for Hunger, published in Potash Hill.

CBC interview on Cures for Hunger. listed Cures for Hunger as one of the best memoirs of 2012.

Jian Ghomeshi interviews me about Cures for Hunger for Q (broadcast on CBC and NPR). The interview starts at about 54:30 into the show.

Read my guest blog on the Quivering Pen, about my first plagiarism.

The “Big Job” chapter from Cures for Hunger is featured on The Browser.

Here is my Father’s Day op-ed in the LA Times.

The Japan Times has reviewed My Postwar Life, the anthology about Japan in which my story “The Deleted Line” appears. Reviewer Stephen Mansfield writes of “The Deleted Line”: “fact is the inspiration for fiction, as a single sentence — ‘it is possible that mass suicides and killings took place among the residents’ — stands for the lengths a government will go to modify the truth.” Buy My Postwar Life: new writings from Japan and Okinawa (edited by Elizabeth McKenzie) at Amazon,, or

At The Desk” article in Open Book Toronto, about where I write.

Oprah Magazine lists Vandal Love as one of the best books of June. Read the O Magazine review here.

Two readings from Cures for Hunger on the Milkweed blog.

Kirkus Reviews on Vandal Love.

Publishers Weekly review of Vandal Love.

The Iowa Review’s review of Cures for Hunger.

MPR’s Kerri Miller interviews me here.

Author Shawn Otto reviews Cures for Hunger in the Huffington Post.

Cures for Hunger is also one of Amazon Canada’s Best of May editors’ picks.

Cures for Hunger has been selected for the May 2012 Indie Next List.

CBC’s Sonali Karnick interviewed me about Cures for Hunger.

Volume 14 of the Chicago Quarterly Review is now available at Amazon. In it is “An Opera of War,” a short story about an Italian soldier who, shortly after the Second World War, is forced to face his crimes when he takes a job in an opera.

Maisonneuve has just released its 10th anniversary issue in which you can read Cures for Hunger‘s most criminal chapter.

On May 15st, 2012, Milkweed Editions will be simultaneously releasing the US editions of Cures for Hunger and Vandal Love. At the same time, Goose Lane Editions in Canada will be launching Cures for Hunger. Vandal Love is already available in Canada through Doubleday. (Both the novel and memoir are also available at

“The Deleted Line,” one of my short stories, is available in the anthology My Postwar Life: new writings from Japan and Okinawa (edited by Elizabeth McKenzie). Order it at,, or

On March 11th, 2012, the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Stone Bridge Press released Tomo: Friendship Through Fiction, an anthology whose proceeds go to help teenagers affected by the tsunami. One of my stories is in this collection. Click here for more information about the book. Order at,,, or

For the next few months, while traveling in Central Africa, I will be blogging for Maisonneuve magazine. Find a list of Bonobo Diaries posts here.

Lastly, Maisonneuve recently published a short article of mine, “Off the Record,” about telling fact from fiction in a war zone.